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Rehabilitation Centre

Qualified Therapists and Special Educators provide therapies and training to people with disabilities of all ages at our rehabilitation centre which has facilities with separate units for Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Audiology. The children are given care and training according to their disability and severity of it.

Students are also given computer education and vocational trainings according to their need and capability.

They are also given functional training such as, the concept of money; practical knowledge of situations they face in their day to day lives whether simple activities like eating food, drinking water, bathing or more complex activities like crossing the road, shopping, and behaving properly with guests at home.

Community-based Rehabilitation

Arushi facilitates extension of support to persons with disabilities from within their own community in urban slums. Some of the activities in this area are to:

  • Facilitate admissions of children with disabilities into regular schools.
  • Counsel parents in understanding the needs.
  • Train teachers.
  • Help PWDs achieve maximum independence by giving them training in activities of daily living, education, and in using assistive devices.
  • Provide home-based programs which include training of parents in speech and language, developmental therapy and activities of daily living.
  • Provide training in zardozi, embroidery, stitching and crafts to women with disabilities.
  • Assist PWDs with railway concession certificates.
  • Provide confidence-building activities.
  • Provide computer education to PWDs.

About 200 children in six slums of Bhopal are being supported.