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Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Ability Development Center for the differently-abled and disadvantaged sections of the society houses, under one roof, the best facilities and resources for the disabled that are available around the world. This center caters all types of disabilities. The three-story building is India's first and only completely disabled-friendly building, which means that the building and the resources provided therein are completely accessible to people with any type of disability.

Recording Studio

This state-of-the-art recording studio is used for recording of study material onto cassette tapes and compact discs for the benefit of the visually impaired. Equipped with digital recorders, mixers, mikes, CD recorders and dubbing machines, the studio will soon have provision of video recording. In addition to the benefits it provides to the visually impaired, this will also provide vocational placement to other disabled persons.

Audio Library

The Audio library is one of the largest of its kind in India. 40,000 hours of recorded study material in the form of audiocassettes and compact discs required by the visually impaired is available. Recording is done in any language for any subject as per the requirement. It is a useful resource for the visually impaired living anywhere in the country.

Print and Braille Library

This library contains books in print and Braille. It is the country's first and largest resource center for Braille and other print material concerning disability-related issues.

Computer and Internet Center

At the Computer and Internet all children are provided basic computer literacy. Need-based training programs are also organized. Most children at Arushi are proficient in the use of computers and surf the Internet with ease.
About two hundred trainers and persons with visual impairment from eight other states have received computer training at Arushi. Instructors are trained to teach computers to the disabled.
The focus is to make the visually impaired self-dependent and capable of accessing electronic text. This also enhances their placement opportunities. Future plans for this computer center include development of talking websites. All computers are fitted with the necessary software required by students who are blind or visually impaired. This includes JAWS, a text-to-speech software; Safa, a Hindi software; and SARA, a scanning and reading appliance that scans and reads out text.


School readiness skills among young children with disabilities coming from the deprived sections of the society are held in these classrooms. School-going children use it after school hours for their special academic needs. Sensitization, awareness and capacity building programs for teachers, community workers and NGOs are also organized in these classrooms.

Rehabilitation Facilities

A rehabilitation centre with well-equipped Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Audiology units is where qualified Special Educators provide therapy to people with disabilities of all ages.

  • Speech Therapy Unit

    Children with speech, language and fluency disorder are given therapy for normal speech and language development. We also provide Auditory Verbal Therapy, which is required by children who have undergone Cochlear Implant.

  • Physiotherapy Unit

    Advanced physiotherapy by trained and experienced physiotherapist is provided. Children with orthopedic problems, mainly polio and cerebral palsy, and children with delayed milestones are examined and provided therapy.

  • Occupational Therapy Unit

    Occupational therapy is provided to children with Autism and ADHD to manage their activities of daily living and for sensory integration.

  • Music Room

    There is regular music therapy for the children coming to Arushi. Music is used for meditation, concentration and entertainment.

  • Vocational Training Unit

    This unit has equipment for motor winding, block and screen printing; and for making candles, ceramics, pottery, greeting cards to provide vocational training to people with disability.

Common Room

Keeping their special needs and requirements in mind, this recreation or games room serves the purpose of confidence building and extending leisure activities for people with disabilities. Board and indoor games, TV and music system help widen their world vision and life goals.

Other Facilities
  • Conference hall for organizing capacity-building programs, trainings, meetings and workshops.
  • Guest Rooms for visiting resource persons, faculty, other NGOs and people visiting Arushi. These are also required for those poor people who come from outside the town in need of resources or information for their disabled kin.
  • Office for administrative purposes by the office staff.
  • Garage for vehicles used to ferry children from schools, homes, and for outings.
  • Lifts and other special facilities to make the building completely accessible for people with disabilities – ramps, special tiles and handrails, to name a few.