Mitti Ma

‘Mitti Ma’, a nursery of live plants that is continually adding a green dimension, aesthetic appeal and a dash of colour to many homes and organizations.

The name ‘Mitti Ma’ has been given to this project by Gulzar sa’ab as an acknowledgement and reminder to us of the limitless love with which Mother Earth bestows upon us its natural bounties. A group of our older children with disabilities are learning gardening skills – sowing, propagating, curating and caring for plants. This, besides helping them learn a new skill, will open a new source of livelihood for many.

We are inviting you to join this endeavor to support our cause by buying from our range of hand-picked variety of plants for gifting at your organization. These plants come in a choice of beautiful, eco-friendly terracotta or ceramic planters that bring joy both to those who gift and those who receive.

Together let us spread green awareness and do a small charity to Mother Earth, Mitti Ma.